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Inventory settings

Product inventory/prices are synced on the basis of their SKU’s. For this either you can sync them using the “MANUAL UPDATE INVENTORY OR/AND PRICE” button OR there is a cron for which we have settings in the frontend to set frequency depending on the client requirements.

Options in inventory settings:

  1. Update Inventory(Stock quantity) from NetSuite: The settings ensure that the inventory from all locations in NetSuite should get synced on WordPress for all the products whose SKU matches if enabled.
  2. Fetch Inventory from default Locations: If this feature is enabled then the inventory of the products will only get synced from the default location.
    NOTE: This will only work when inventory sync is enabled
  3. Update Product Price from NetSuite: The settings ensure that the price or the product gets synced on WordPress from NetSuite if enabled.
  4. Inventory and(or) Price Sync Frequency: Set the frequency of cron used to update inventory and price of products to hourly/Twice a day/Every day.
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